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A Space Designed For You

The 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA offers a spacious lounge area with exclusive seating. These are ideal for business meetings and can also function as a retreat for creative thinking and working. With its exquisite range of services, the 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA presents itself as a dynamic space for exchange and networking, in which the needs of guests are our absolute priority.

The world is constantly changing. In the same way, the demands placed on the use of different spaces are also subject to constant change. The 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA takes this idea to the next level with an innovative spatial concept. Its architecture and furniture have been designed to allow maximum flexibility. This design makes it equally possible to stage demanding events.

In the 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA, creative ideas are given a space to unfold - true to the spirit of the founder Wilbur Gunn, a place was created where the future can become reality. During the day every visit is complemented with culinary excellence – in the evening an exclusive gourmet experience takes centre stage. In this way the 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA represents a place where the future can be thought of and enjoyed.

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