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Revolutionary Design. Excellent Cuisine.

Temporary closed

The 1904 designed by Lagonda stays closed. We will inform you as soon as we re-open our Michelin-Star Restaurant. We wish you all the best and are looking very much forward to welcome you again.

Warm Regards, your 1904 designed by Lagonda Team

A little taster

Dashi | Morchel | Erbse

Dashi | Morel | Pea

Morel dashi, morel peas dim sum, fried morels with sherry, smoked butter

Venison | Red Cabbage | Koji Barley

Venison | Red Cabbage | Koji Barley

Sautéed venison rack (Engadine,CH),
Lingonberry sauce, Venison ragout (AT),
Red cabbage with fermented barley,
Red cabbage espuma, Spruce oil

Asparagus  |  Buttermilk  |  Yuzu

Spargel | Buttermilch | Yuzu

Flavoured white asparagus, buttermilk chantilly, asparagus yuzu ice cream, yuzu cake, yuzu gel

Beetroot | Smoked mascarpone | Dill

Beetroot | Smoked mascarpone | Dill

Smoked mascarpone chantilly mousse
with a liquid beetroot centre,
Dill oil, Preserved beetroot
and a beetroot sorbet,
with Dill and beetroot granitée

Our Philosophy: Creativity. Excellence. Design. Space.

What began over a hundred years ago and was considered a guarantee of success at the 24 Hours of Le Mans is now ahead of its time. The cult brand Lagonda has returned, and with its new models it is defining the zeitgeist of the future.

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Löwenstrasse 42
Seidengasse 15
8001 Zurich

+41 (0) 71 69 46 050


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