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Dear customers, friends and stakeholders of the R-Universe,

The Covid-19 crisis is having a huge impact on our lives at the moment and given the current global situation we have been instructed to adhere to the Federal Council’s decision that was made earlier this month and as a result we have had to temporarily close our doors to the public until further notice.

The health and wellbeing of our guests and employees is of paramount importance to us and therefore we fully support the decisions made by local and national authorities of the various countries where our R-Universe teams are located.

Although unprecedented times, we trust in the bright future of our group, and our teams across the R-Universe are working passionately to ensure more than ever that there will be an exciting and positive future ahead of us.

Even though our doors are currently closed we will make every effort to keep you updated with regards to what is happening with 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA. We hope that we can soon continue creating the distinctive culinary experiences you are used to from us. We also aim to provide you with some welcome distractions through our social media channels.

We will all need a great deal of strength and patience to overcome this crisis, through listening to professional advise and being kind to one another we will be able to achieve this.

Take care and look after yourselves and your loved ones!


Florian Kamelger and Andreas Baenziger

Media & Events

The location – the first of its kind

The name 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA comes from the legendary car brand Lagonda, renowned for extraordinary design, ultimate performance and the future-oriented attitude of its founder. The gastronomic concept of the 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA in Zurich is characterised by this future-oriented approach. Embedded in a generous and luxurious interior, the location offers its guests a perfect all-round experience.

The Initiators

Three partners are at the helm of the 1904 DESIGNED BY LAGONDA. Dr Andreas Bänziger and Dr Florian Kamelger, owners of several successful companies and themselves passionate racing drivers, are expanding their innovative range of luxury car experiences. Together with Aston Martin St. Gallen, they also put forward the Lagonda brand to the cooperation for Switzerland. Dario Cadonau, long-time business partner of the two entrepreneurs - his luxury hotel is a brand partner of Aston Martin St. Gallen - implements the common vision of a brand space with the expertise of the innovative hotelier and gastronomy expert.



Public Relations:

Brand Affairs,
Alexander Bersch,
Dufourstrasse 183,
8008 Zürich

+41 44 254 80 00,

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